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Weekly Inspiration

Greetings to all from Pastor James,    

     There are many voices in the world today. Many of the voices are loud. Many voices of the world are harsh and lead to strife and destruction. Some voices are pleasant to the ears but are deceiving.

     The voice of the world will lead one down a path of deception. Some voices tell us the world is changing and we must change with it. The voices of the world say, “Everyone is doing it. The Bible is old fashion: full of old tales and fables. The worldly voices say, “The Bible doesn’t apply to us today”.

     Follow these voices and you will be lost forever in lies and deceit. Follow the voices of the world and you will be against the calling and purpose God has for you.        

     Read John 10:1-11, 27-30 and the 23rd Psalm.      

     Follow the voice of the Life-saving Shepherd. Believe in Him and you will know the truth and those that know the truth hear His Voice. When we listen to God’s Voice and not the world, we can be free and not feel guilty. The debt has been paid. Jesus Christ has paid the price.

     Jesus died on the cross and now sitteth on the right hand of God the Father Almighty. He left us the Holy Spirit so that His voice will remain with us forever. It is through Christian believers that the Good News of the Gospel can be heard today.      

     The voice of the Life-Saving Shepherd is heard in the hearts of all who believe. The Gospel of Jesus Christ will open the hearts of all that receive. Just as sheep trust the voice of their shepherd and follow him, so we need to listen to our Good Shepherd's Voice and trust that He will lead us and use us in His service in ways great or small.

     The voice of the shepherd leads us to the Holy and divine pasture of God; that overflows with streams of forgiveness; abounds in the fruits of love. The Shepherd is always there to guide us. Follow the voice of the Good Shepherd.

    The sheep do not belong to the world but to Christ. The thief of the world is out to serve pleasure and greed. The thief of the world is out to steal your joy.

     We are living in times of fear and have reason to be anxious about many things. But if you choose to follow Jesus Christ, He will give you everlasting safety.  Today, no evil or disease can touch the meaning and purpose that God has for your life. Make the Good Shepherd your refuge, and nothing will be able to affect or infect you that will diminish God’s purposes for you.

    Follow the Good Shepherd for He is the gate to our salvation and His protection is eternal. Accept the calling of the Good Shepherd. He is offering His love. He is calling you to life. He is calling you to a life abundantly.

     Come worship with the Living Water Christian Church Sunday morning. Find out what it means to follow the voice of the One that spoke our very lives into existence.

Blessings to all,

Pastor James Boyette 

Living Water Christian Church       

72 N Lake Ave

Front Royal VA 22630                                           

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Living Water Christian Church of the Shenandoah Valley
72 N Lake Avenue
Front Royal, VA 22630
Let us not give up meeting together… let us
encourage one another- and all the more as you
see the Day approaching. Hebrews 10:25