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Weekly Inspiration

Greetings from Pastor James:

     Someone very important invited many people to a wedding for his son. Some people were too busy. Some rejected the invitation. And many people became angry. 

     Can you picture someone hungry and wearing ragged clothes? They’ve been given an invitation to come to a banquet where there will be all the food they want.  But, they respond saying, “I have nothing to wear”. All I have are these ragged clothes”.

     The host insists, telling them that all they have to do is accept the invitation. Everything else will be provided.

     Read Matthew 22:1-14

     Would you be like the first group invited to the feast and suffer for turning down God’s invitation of salvation, or like the second group ready to accept God’s offer of eternity in His divine Kingdom?

     To be accepted into the Kingdom you must accept the invitation. You’ve been invited. All are invited to dine at the table of the King. You may feel you are not worthy. I promise you are more than worthy. Don’t worry about being thrown out because of the garments you are wearing. If you accept God’s invitation of salvation, He will dress you in His robe of righteousness.

     Read II Samuel 9:1-13.

     David did not forget his promise to Johnathan. God does not forget his promise to those that believe. David called Mephibosheth to dine at the King’s Table. God is also calling us to dine at His Table: The Table of the King of Kings. 

     Are we not similar to Mephibosheth? He was found hiding in the area called Lo Debar. Lo Debar means “no pasture” or “pestilence” or “land of nothing”. Just as Mephibosheth was crippled so are we. We are crippled with worry and anxiety over things in which there is no hope.

     Just as Mephibosheth we are from an area of life that leads to destruction. We are from a world that is lost and shows no hope. We, too, are afraid to put our faith in a King we cannot see. But, we are also like Mephibosheth in that, we, too, are born of royalty.

     King David sent for Mephibosheth. God has sent an invitation out to you as well. Accept the invitation and like Mephibosheth, you will always eat at the King’s Table.

     We are invited. It is our choice. It is all ready. Won’t you come? God is calling you. God is calling the brokenhearted. God is calling the lonely. God is calling the lost. God is calling the poor and downtrodden. Will it be heaven or will it be the land of Lo Debar? Will you choose the “land of pestilence” or will you choose the “gift of life”?      

    Come worship with the Living Water Church this Sunday. Come learn of God’s invitation of love and grace. Seek Christ in your life and you will always dine at the King’s table

Blessings to all

Pastor James Boyette

Living Water Christian Church

72 N Lake Ave.

Front Royal VA 2630   

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Living Water Christian Church of the Shenandoah Valley
72 N Lake Avenue
Front Royal, VA 22630
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