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Weekly Inspiration

Greetings from Pastor James  

     We make many choices in a day. We get to make those choices. Why would we decide to be miserable?  “Well, we do”.

     We could choose to have a great day or we could let the first unpleasant thing that happens to us ruin our whole day.

     Bad choices will lead you to a life of defeat. Make the right choice and live an undefeated life of victory.

     Read Deuteronomy 30:15-20

     God challenges the people in Biblical times and the same challenge is for us today: to choose life and obey His commands and experience His blessings. God has given us a free will to choose. What is your Choice?   

    We live in a society in which some organizations and groups do not value the sanctity of life. We as Christians are expected to honor, respect and defend God’s creation.

     We more than ever as Christians and believer’s of God’s Word and Sacrament need to come together as God’s Church and rise up and fulfill our prophetic roles in God’s calling to guide  our people to rise above the strife and oppression of the world. We are called by God to choose and encourage life.      

     We could choose to ignore God and focus on gossip, the twisted truth of much of the media and the ways of the world and live a life of defeat. If we choose to let Christ rule in our lives and focus on Him we can have a life of victory.  We can get up first thing in the morning and look at the sunrise and thank God for the new day, every day.

     Some choose to stay in the darkness, holding on to alcohol or drugs. Why sit in the dark corner of addiction or abuse when you can choose life through Jesus Christ and bask in the peace and comfort of the light of God.   

     Choose to worship God at Living Water Christian Church this Sunday.

     Make the right choice. Choose life and rise above the world’s transgressions. Our mighty God loves us so much he sent the world a Savior.  

      God, through His Son Jesus Christ our Savior is giving you a chance to choose. You have to make a choice. I choose life. What is your choice?

Blessings to all,

Pastor James Boyette

Living Water Christian Church

72 N Lake Ave.

Front Royal VA  22630                    

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Living Water Christian Church of the Shenandoah Valley
72 N Lake Avenue
Front Royal, VA 22630
Let us not give up meeting together… let us
encourage one another- and all the more as you
see the Day approaching. Hebrews 10:25
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